What is Sublimation Transfer Print

What is Sublimation Transfer Print?

    What is Sublimation Transfer Printing? How can it be done?

    The dictionary meaning of sublimation of a substance as a solid with the application of heat from solid to liquid to gas before it becomes directly passing event. (Such as coal burning is the smoke ...) In conjunction with the digital printing dyes sublime, in other words in this way is transferred to the chemical reaction in printing. Sublimation dye particles, dye sublimation in the case of micro-particles are found in the solid state. Sublimation dye is transferred on paper by digital transfer printing machines. Transfer printing paper, printing out the desired surface placed on the transfer printing machines along with the preset temperature on the transfer paper pressed to under the form of micro-particles into the gas passes through the solid particles of dye sublimation. (Print the trap into the paint on fabric transfer printing paper. Thus printing occurs.) If there are polyester molecules in the environment, the gas formed dye stuff, dyes the polyester molecules. If the surface to be printed not included polyester, the gas formed dye mixed to air. As it can be seen from this principle, the material that to be printed as sublimation type must has polyester / polyamide molecules. If not it cannot be transfer. Materials to be printed on In general, sports and outdoor-wear polyester and polyamide (lycra, nylon) fabrics are used for printing. Sports clothing and outerwear mixed synthetic (min 60% synthetic fiber) fabrics are used for printing. Ski boards, wind surf boards, water sports equipment, such as ski equipment is used for the production of plastic raw material of polyester printing-material surfaces. Wood, ceramic, glass raw material, such as polyester and polyamide surfaces coated with the coating raw material used for printing on all kinds of materials.

    Usage fields Flag, sports, textiles, home textiles and fabrics used in the advertising industry, Polyester coated metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, printing and related products.